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QM Power Technologies

Q-Sync® Technology

QM Power’s innovative design is the biggest breakthrough in motor technology in more than 50 years. Q-Sync® circuitry eliminates the need for electronic commutation to keep the motor spinning. By operating the motor at the same frequency as the AC power line and eliminating the AC to DC power conversions from its circuit (no AC-to-DC rectifier, no DC link, and no DC-to-AC inverter), Q-Sync® delivers unparalleled energy savings.

In HVAC applications, Q-Sync® technology allows the system to achieve a higher SEER rating without increasing the size of other key components.

Also, Q-Sync® motors have the industry’s highest power factor, which helps decrease your electrical costs, and also lowers consumption of electricity from the grid. This puts you in the driver’s seat for incentives and positions you at the low end of your electric utility’s sliding rate scale.

Q-Sync® is recognized by the US Department of Energy as a High Impact Technology for Commercial Refrigeration

Q-Mag® Technology

Q-Mag is a breakthrough brushless electromagnetic machine with both permanent and electromagnets on the stator with a magnet-free rotor. This technology is ideal for use in high power density applications like electric vehicles (electric cars, trucks, planes and tractors) and other high torque and high-speed applications including micro-mobility, aviation, and medical and industrial devices.

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