Saving energy all around you.



Reduce total cost of ownership with patented motor control technologies, industry-leading efficiency, long operating life, ease of installation, and rebate eligibility.

Industry-leading efficiency

Design Life of >10 years

Ease of Install


Refrigeration and HVAC

The most energy efficient motor for refrigeration cases and walk-ins and light industrial and commercial HVAC. QM Power’s Q-Sync® motor.

Fewer watts consumed compared to other motors


Less heat generated by the motor, reducing thermal stress on the refrigeration system

Longer Life and Higher Reliability

Design life is > 10 years


Innovative and patented design results in 99% less duty cycle on electronics and increased surge protection


Engineered to eliminate a start-stop capacitor which is a common failure point in other motors


Lower in-rush current and better surge protection (up to 6000V)


IP65 Certified (water and dust resistant)

Built with extended life bearings
Easier to Install

Drop-in replacement – universal motor and basket mounts make installation up to 4X faster!


A 16” cord with straight Lyall plug is standard

QM Power HVAC fan motors

Success Stories

Vons-Safeway-Albertsons, San Diego, CA

Q-Sync® motors produced 38% fewer watts and 68% fewer amps than the incumbent ECM motor and used 71% fewer watts and 75% fewer amps than incumbent Shaded Pole Motors.

Price Chopper Refrigeration Fan Retrofit in Kansas City, MO

The reduction in energy usage from retrofitting the produce case with a Q-Sync® motor was an astounding 78.4%, with an average of 81.9% amps saved.

EV Motors

Utilizing our Q-Mag® technology to deliver over 400 Nm of torque, we are developing the next generation of electric vehicle motors. Q-Mag® is a breakthrough brushless electromagnetic machine with both permanent and electromagnets on the stator with a magnet-free rotor. This technology is ideal for use in high power density applications like electric vehicles.


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