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The Most Energy Efficient Refrigeration Case Motor.
QM Power’s Q-Sync® 12W PMSM

70-80% fewer watts consumed compared to shaded-pole motors


20-40% fewer watts consumed compared to ECM motors


Up to 50% less energy at the meter and 80% less at the grid


Less heat generated by the motor, reducing thermal stress on the refrigeration system

Designed for Long Life and High Reliability

Innovative and patented design results in 99% less duty cycle on electronics and increased surge protection


Engineered to eliminate a start-stop capacitor which is a common failure point in other motors


Lower inrush current and better surge protection (up to 6000V)


IP65 Certified (water and dust resistant)


Built with extended life bearings

Design life is 10+ years
Easier to Install

Drop-in replacement – universal motor and basket mounts make installation up to 4X faster!


A 16” cord with straight Lyall plug is standard

Success Stories

Vons-Safeway-Albertsons, San Diego, CA

Q-Sync® motors produced 38% fewer watts and 68% fewer amps than the incumbent ECM motor and used 71% fewer watts and 75% fewer amps than incumbent Shaded Pole Motors.

Price Chopper Refrigeration Fan Retrofit in Kansas City, MO

The reduction in energy usage from retrofitting the produce case with a Q-Sync® motor was an astounding 78.4%, with an average of 81.9% amps saved.


Q-Sync® technology can increase an HVAC system’s SEER rating by more than one additional point. It will reduce costs by eliminating the need to increase the size of key components such as the condenser or compressor.

QM Power’s industry leading power factor can eliminate the need for power factor correction components in your system, saving you money not only on the parts, but also on procurement, testing, and warranty associated with that SKU. We understand the importance of SKU reduction.

Our technology has been validated by third parties such as the US Department of Energy, University of North Carolina, University of Kentucky, SCE and SDG&E.

EV Motors

Utilizing our Q-Mag® technology to deliver over 400 Nm of torque, we are developing the next generation of electric vehicle motors. Q-Mag® is a breakthrough brushless electromagnetic machine with both permanent and electromagnets on the stator with a magnet-free rotor. This technology is ideal for use in high power density applications like electric vehicles.


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