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Introducing the newest member of the Q-Sync® family:

Q-Sync® VS Variable Speed Fan Motors

1/4 HP | 1/3 HP | 1/2 HP



Permanent Magnet Motors for refrigerated display cases and coolers.


Multi-speed Permanent Magnet Motors for HVAC compressor applications.

Electric Vehicle Motors

Permanent and Electromagnet Motors for high torque and speed applications.

Revolutionary Technologies

QM Power’s innovative design is the biggest breakthrough in motor technology in more than 50 years. QM Power products deliver unparalleled energy savings.

Innovative technology that reduces total cost of ownership.

Introducing the industry’s highest efficiency, highest power factor, money-saving electric fan motor for refrigeration and HVAC applications. Q-Sync circuitry operates the motor at the same frequency as the AC power line and eliminates the AC to DC power conversions from its circuit (no AC-to-DC rectifier, no DC link, and no DC-to-AC inverter).

Breakthrough efficient brushless electromagnetic technology for impressive cooling and reliability.

Innovative technology with both permanent and electromagnets on the stator with a magnet-free rotor. For use in high power density applications like Electric Vehicles (EVs) and other High Torque and High-speed applications including Micro-Mobility, Aviation, Medical Devices.

Why We’re Doing This

Using Q-Sync® technology instead of Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs) would be the energy equivalent of taking ONE of every TWO motors off the grid. Using Q-Sync® technology instead of shaded pole motors would be the equivalent of taking FOUR of every FIVE motors off the grid.

Using Q-Sync in HVAC/R fan applications could reduce source energy consumption by as much as one quad or more [annually], with proportional environmental benefits.

Total Energy savings could exceed one quadrillion BTU per year.


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