$3.7M ARPA-E Project for EV without Rare Earths

September 29, 2011

QM Power was selected for a $3.7 million ARPA-E award from the Department of Energy to develop high power density and high efficiency electric motor solutions without rare earth magnets for electric vehicles http://arpa-e.energy.gov/media/news/tabid/83/vw/1/itemid/39/department-of-energy-awards-%24156-million-for-groundbreaking-energy-research-projects.aspx.  This highly competitive award further validates QM Power’s enabling technologies among the world’s leading subject matter experts.  More importantly, by teaming with the world’s largest manufacturer of road-going commercial electric vehicles (http://www.smithelectricvehicles.com/), the leading National laboratory focusing on electric vehicle research, development and testing (http://www.ornl.gov/), the leading magnetic and controller experts and the leading advanced materials resources from the University of Delaware, Electron Energy Corp and Arnold Magnetic Technologies, QM Power is well positioned to not only commercialize its groundbreaking technologies in high visibility electromagnetic traction applications in the next few years but also position itself to lead the field for the foreseeable future.

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